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Electric Trucks: 100,000 In Ten Years

CA – The state is looking to change the trucking industry by requiring over 100,000 new electric trucks over the next 10 years.

The state of California is one of the most environmentally progressive states in the country. With having some of the highest smog regulations, they spearhead the US’s environmental issues.

Well, now that companies like Tesla and their (albeit slightly ripped off competitor) Nikola are hitting the market, things are likely to change.

California is looking to make 100,000 trucks all-electric. This is an attempt to not only help resolve the environmental impact of the trucking industry, but also helps to establish the future of commercial vehicles.

Now that Tesla and Nikola are announcing their current plans to enter the commercial electric industry, CA is taking note. Consumers will be able to dodge a hefty tax when purchasing an electric car. Trucking industries will be able to dodge larger taxes when registering their new vehicle.

Electric Trucks Remove Costs

One of the largest issues facing the trucking industry is the cost and production of fuel. Fuel has a high cost and the standard ICE diesel engines still require extensive maintenance. With electric trucks, fewer moving parts along with more simpler design creates an engine that can be fixed relatively quickly with relatively low cost.

For many businesses, the thought of not only having an electric truck but a self-driving truck is important. With self-driving technology making headway, the idea of paying a driver is slowly creeping into the heads of drivers and fleet managers alike.

California is attempting to fast-track their ambitions. As one of the largest contributors to the trucking industry, the goal is to reduce emissions of electric trucks by 2030.

For the trucking industry in the state – some are feeling the push. Owner operators who are barely hanging on by a thread due to COVID-19 are unsure of how they will be able to make the financial switch.

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