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You are currently viewing Insurance Rising For Truckers As U.S. Senate Committee Makes Overhaul

As it turns out, the United States Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation has made approval occur for a trucker’s highway funding bill, including some provisions and amendments. This is not so usual. But it’s indicative of more changes in the logistics industry. The Senate cares not to include minimum liability insurance. However, by passing the committee vote from a 25-3, the bill then moves to the Senate floor as it turns out. The true focus lies in the Surface Transportation Investment Act of 2021.

According to Senator Maria Cantwell, the legislation that they just introduced last week will make “a big down payment, $78 billion, on rebuilding and revamping our nation’s critical transportation infrastructure, a key to our economic future and creating more jobs.”

The highway bill upholds a taller $547 billion price tag. Though the version from the Senate is not intentionally deadset on this. Additionally, there’s no need to bring in grants that will address truck parking shortages. This is espec

More provisions brought in for the Senate through the Surface Transportation Investment Act of 2021 are as listed below. Insurance regardless.

  • Lease-purchase agreements

This would bring in a study group for truck lease-purchase agreements. Aptly titled “Truck Leasing Task Force.”

  • Electronic logging device oversight

There is a certain cost and effectivity of Electronic Logging Device Oversight used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in order to review ELD logs while protecting proprietary information while grabbing identifiable information grabbed from ELDs. While also detailing the process of which an operator is able to challenge a violation by the FMCSA.

  • Combating human trafficking

Funds are in place to support the prevention, recognition and indication of human trafficking occurring in commercial vehicles.

  • Under-21 apprenticeship program

From Senator Cantwell, there’s a bill that helps out underage drivers so that the supply chain can be made stronger.

  • Automatic emergency braking systems

Senator Blackburn brought on considerations to such a provision that allows the DOT to give a review of AEB systems in use while addressing any identified deficiencies existent in the systems. Will insurance save the day, however? It is yet to be seen. But it’ll be pretty helpful. Somehow. Wouldn’t you say so?

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