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OOIDA Suggests FMCSA to cancel the deadline for ELD mandate
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December 18 was set a deadline for ELD (the Electronic Logging Device) mandate. It requires that all vehicles that were produced after 2000 should be equipped by ELDs. Nevertheless, OOIDA (Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association) is not in favor of the rule.


The OODIA justifies its opposition by saying that 26 states failed to include the ELD regulations into their rules and should not be enforced to implement the rules.


It is to be noted that since 2006 Delaware has not updated its incorporation of changes in federal safety rules. The same issue is in Arizona and Kansas.


The OOIDA’s executive vice president Todd Spencer said “We are concerned about numerous states issuing citations for the violation of non-existent state laws.’’


This is the OODIA’s previous effort to delay or invert the ELD mandate. This is because OOIDA considers ELD rule “as unreasonable, and no more trustworthy than paper log books for recording driver hours of service”. The latest attempt of OODI thwarted in the courts. In addition, neither Congress nor the Trump administration supported OODI’s stance regarding ELDs.


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