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You are currently viewing Trucking Affected by Labor Shortage due to COVID-19
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COVID-19 hit the world like a whirlwind. A scenario like that is likely to occur. Truck drivers are always going to be prone to trouble. But something on this scale? Trucking is a stronghold that the world at large relies on heavily.

The trucking industry is in need of more workers and employees. This whole thing is truly a revolutionary labor shortage. Many industries have been suffering from the suffering that trucking endured.

Trucking is meant toMany industries moved workers home during the start of the pandemic, but truckers worked “to meet the needs of this country.

Dale Bennett, who has been running as the president of the Virginia Trucking Association since about 1989, has closely held beliefs that this is the worst labor shortage that he’s ever seen. The Trucking industry has stepped up and delivered through this whole pandemic,”

In case you didn’t already know, the VTA supports and lobbies the General Assembly. However, Dale was certain that it wouldn’t make a difference.

According to him,“That is the highest that it’s ever been. The driver shortage may be as bad as I have seen it in my time here.”

The ATA (American Trucking Association) is thinking that the end of 2021 will show a shortage of over 80,000 workers. It might even double up by 2030.

In a letter to Congress, the American Trucking Association has been able to estimate that for certain, there could be a shortage of 80,000 workers.

It’s likely that it will double. Certainly, they believe that ATA’s eight reasons are

  • High retirement numbers from aging workforce.
  • Women accounting only fo 6% of the workforce.
  • Failing the drug tests.
  • Federally mandates of minimum ages of 21 in order to drive commercially through state lines.
  • Lifestyle crises, such as long hours away from home.
  • Barriers popping up such as potential candidates inability.

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