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You are currently viewing California Trucking Permits You May Need
Stay compliant in California with these permits!

Being a trucker in California can be confusing. California’s trucking regulations are a dense bramble of ever-changing and unclear laws. And new laws like the worker classification law AB5 mean that California truckers always need to be on their toes to maintain compliance with the law. At DOT Operating Authority, we’ve worked with California trucking companies for over a decade to help them get the permits they need. Here are some of the filings your California trucking business will need to make to stay legal.

CA Number

CA numbers are one of the first things that California truckers need to get. These numbers are necessary for any trucker who hauls in California, whether California is their base state or not. CA numbers are a way for the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to track motor carriers within the state. Sometimes the state calls them California DOT numbers, which shows how similar they are to USDOT numbers. If you’re a trucker in California, you’ll need one of these numbers.

California Motor Carrier Permits (MCP)

Motor Carrier Permits (MCPs) are necessary for California trucking entities or out-of-state entities with CA numbers. Since you get your CA number from CHP, you need to confirm that you’ve done this with the CA DMV. That’s what the MCP does. Many often confuse the MCP with the MC number, but the latter is a national-level filing for interstate truckers, while the former is just for California.

California Hazmat Permits

If you plan to haul hazardous materials in California, then you need to file with the state to get your certification. After all, if you don’t handle your hazardous loads properly, you can create major problems for the state. Because of this, you need to go through the hazmat certification process and prove to California that you’ll be safe while handling and hauling sensitive goods. Once you do, the state will give you your certification, and you’ll be good to go!

The Employer Pull Notice (EPN)

EPN filings are for trucking companies, not just any truckers. So, if you’re a trucker for hire, you can skip this one. However, trucking company owners can take advantage of the EPN to track their employees’ driving records. If you have a corporation, LLC, or partnership, you can sign up your employees for the EPN for very cheap and have a quick and easy method of checking any violations they commit. This makes keeping your California trucking company safe much easier.

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