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    You are currently viewing Hours Violation: Which States Won’t Give Breaks To Truckers

    It’s so strange how a shift in the times can just change everything. Once, you’re sitting in the dumps. Next, you’re ruling the town in proper pumps. All this to say, a proper projection of the following map, with federal data sourced by RigDig Data Company, shows sure and well how all violations issued by state truck enforcement departments show various mandates. These have shifted especially thanks to the ELD mandate. Granted, this may very well have shifted in itself as the findings are as recent as 2019. But make no mistake, 2020’s results will characteristically look a lot more stringent for truckers.

    From the looks of this map, states like Colorado (23.8% of all violations = hours violations) and Wyoming (22%) have overcome the former tight-wad kings of hours violation, Arkansas and North Dakota. Surprisingly enough, those violation shares fell gently, after the ELD mandate enforcement from later that year.

    North Dakota themselves fell from these rankings almost completely, as Arkansas percentage rate for hours violation dropped. This is all rather confusing but surely you might be able to better understand by peeping at this blast from the past, courtesy of CSA’s Data Trail installments.

    Source: Federal data mined by Overdrive and sister data company RigDig. Percentages indicate the share of all violations issued by state truck enforcement departments that were hours of service violations -- those include violations of the ELD mandate. Based on calendar-year data for 2019, the most recent year for which data are complete.

    In any case, the percentage rate for the top two states remains steady has through the overall decline of hours violation in the mess behind the manic ELD mandate. None of these states have been able to post sizable gains or losses, pre-ELD mandate levels.

    Furthermore, what should occur but more news regarding the focus on this year’s Roadcheck event. In the midst of the pandemic, it’s likely to be scheduled for the range of May 4-6. This said, it’s likely a month sooner than traditional June. Of course, these states have especially close hours violation watch. As exemplified here with these top 5 strict stats.

    1. Colorado – 23.8%
    2. Wyoming – 22% 
    3. Arizona – 19.9%
    4. Oregon – 18.5%
    5. Arkansas – 16.1%

    Source: Federal data mined by Overdrive and sister data company RigDigSource: Data Courtesy: RigDig

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