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Make 90 Grand a Year Truck Driving for Walmart

Yes, you read that right. Walmart is upping their pay grade for truck drivers… and they are hiring. Walmart truck drivers are actually among the best rewarded and paid in the industry, even before the raise. The new pay starts in February. Truck drivers are going to receive one cent more per mile. Additionally, they will get an extra dollar for each time they arrive at a destination.

This might sound small when spelled out in this way – but the increase adds up for drivers. Now, truck drivers can make up to $87,500 on average. This is significantly higher than the previous number: $86,000. And, Walmart truck drivers have other great benefits too. They have fairly predictable schedules as well as at least three weeks of paid time off. Also, they have the opportunity to win bonuses each quarter!

And, with the truck driver shortage, Walmart is bringing out all the incentives. They upped their game in recruiting, training, and pay. And even though the American Trucking Association predicts that the country will be short 175,000 drivers by 2026, Walmart is optimistic.

This fall, the company ran a national television ad to recruit more drivers for their team. They even shortened their onboarding process and started offering referral bonuses. Basically, they’re doing everything in their power to get new truck drivers and keep them.

And their methods are working. According to a Yahoo Finance report, Walmart hired about 1,400 new truck drivers in 2018. This compares to just over 920 drivers in 2017. It seems Walmart is doing it right in terms of the trucking industry. What is in store for 2019? Will you make the switch to work for Walmart?

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