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    Crisis Responders: Truckers

    Today's crisis is nothing to laugh at. Many stores are closing and are in desperate need of supplies. This is where the trucking industry comes in. They provide the mainline for stores who are desperately running low on all manner of goods. With so many in need, truckers are the real MVP in terms of crisis aversion. Truck Drivers Own The Road With countless citizens staying inside due to the…

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    Trucking Crisis: What To Know

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    The trucking crisis has been afflicting the industry for a number of years. With the most recent one being one of the hardest hits yet, many are wondering if this will continue to snowball or will it flatten out? Skilled Drivers Are Leaving The die-hard trucking champs have started to think about what they are going to do when they hit the age of retirement. Well, this has happened drastically…

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    Van Life? Time To Insure It!

    There is a list of steps you need to take before taking on the challenge of converting a van into your mobile dream home. You have the inside completely rebuilt. The engine and maintenance has been kept and in perfect condition. Now, you just need to insure it. Having Insurance on Your Van = Having Insurance on Your Home Insurance is a scary word. Most states require it (with the…

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    Trucking Recession Goes Lower for 2020

    The trucking recession has yet to slow down. With 2020 here, many are wondering where the next generation of truck drivers are. New Truckers Aren't Filling the Gaps There are a number of reasons why the younger generations aren't eager to join the trucking industry. From long nights away from home to the dangers of the industry, many have now seen the appeal that many, in days past, have seen…

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    Mars 2020: A New Rover

    Mars 2020 is the new rover designed to explore the surface of the red planet. It is being developed by NASA's Mars exploration program and is destined for the red planet in 2020. It is expected to launch in July of 2020 and will touch down in Jezero Crater in February of 2021. The goal of the new rover is to explore signs of habitability on our closest neighboring planet.…

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    Suppliers and Carriers Facing New Tight Deadlines

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    Due to the ever-increasing appetite of consumers for speed when it comes to shipping, retailers like Walmart, Target, and e-commerce titans like Amazon.com, are now offering free one-day day delivery. Moreover, some of these companies are even presenting a same-day option if you possess a premium membership. Speedy delivery is all well and good, but by offering this tight turnaround, retailers are putting tons of pressure on both suppliers and…

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    FMCSA Publishes Hours of Service Proposal

    In order to improve safety on America’s roadways, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued a notice of suggested changes to hours of service by revising the current regulations for commercial motor vehicle drivers.  As a matter of fact, the proposal seeks to increase safety by giving the nation’s commercial drivers more flexibility while upholding the safety limits on driving time. Furthermore, FMCSA encourages…

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    California Set to Close Emissions Loophole

    It’s a fixture when you’re out driving on the highways. In fact, every time you witness it, it feels like a startling moment. You know what I’m talking about. Those dramatic clouds of sooty smoke shooting out from semis as they trudge up a hill or attempt a passing maneuver. In fact, sometimes these big rigs spew plumes of sooty smoke into the air for seemingly no reason at all.…

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    Truckers Warn of Rocky Road Ahead

    There’s no doubt this year has been super tough on the trucking industry. In fact, it’s been borderline brutal. Especially in light of how great 2018 turned out to be. This year retailers and manufacturers are moving far less freight. Or at least that’s according to data supplied by the Cass Freight Index. As it turns out freight rates have gone down year over year for six consecutive months. To…

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    How to Inspect Your Truck Safely Before Every Trip

    It should go without saying. Inspecting your truck is a crucial part of your job as a truck driver. This shouldn't just be done whenever there's an issue, or every once in a while. You need to be inspecting your truck before every single trip. It might sound like overkill. However, it's always better to be covering your bases. After all, you don't want your truck to break down or…

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