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    Truckers Warn of Rocky Road Ahead

    There’s no doubt this year has been super tough on the trucking industry. In fact, it’s been borderline brutal. Especially in light of how great 2018 turned out to be. This year retailers and manufacturers are moving far less freight. Or at least that’s according to data supplied by the Cass Freight Index. As it turns out freight rates have gone down year over year for six consecutive months. To…

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    How to Inspect Your Truck Safely Before Every Trip

    It should go without saying. Inspecting your truck is a crucial part of your job as a truck driver. This shouldn't just be done whenever there's an issue, or every once in a while. You need to be inspecting your truck before every single trip. It might sound like overkill. However, it's always better to be covering your bases. After all, you don't want your truck to break down or…

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    6 Best Snacks to Eat While on the Road

    Do you often find yourself suffering from that afternoon energy slump? Maybe those long drives get your stomach growling more than you would like? Any trucker can tell you that it's hard to stay healthy on the road. Unfortunately, those long hours and hectic schedules can really mess with your well-being. That's why it's good to know what you should be snacking on to keep your energy up. Read on…

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    Breaking Down the New Tesla Truck Cockpit

    It’s happening. The wait is finally over. For all those clamoring for a taste of the new Tesla semi-truck, interior pictures are now out floating on the internet. And, well, let’s just say the photos reveal an unconventional but very “Tesla” design-take on commercial trucking. Reddit user rygel_fievel got an up close and personal look during a public event in Sacramento, California. The company was displaying the truck for a…

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    Mercedes-Benz’s Newest Supercar! Batmobile Brought to Life!

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own Batmobile? Well, Mercedes-Benz can let you drive like a super-hero! The company’s latest project was the EQ Silver Arrow 01. Mercedes-Benz is the first manufacturer to compete with a Formula 1 vehicle as well as a Formula E vehicle in racing. While a Formula 1 vehicle is a classic gas-powered racing vehicle, the Formula E vehicle…

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    Truck Driver Heroes: Honoring “Highway Angels”

    For the last twenty years, Truckload Carriers Association has honored heroes in the trucking industry. They call this the Highway Angels program. While a trucker’s job is not to save lives, due to the nature of the work… sometimes truckers are in the right place at the right time. If no one else is around and an accident or emergency occurs, a truck driver’s actions can save a life. The…

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    Make 90 Grand a Year Truck Driving for Walmart

    Yes, you read that right. Walmart is upping their pay grade for truck drivers… and they are hiring. Walmart truck drivers are actually among the best rewarded and paid in the industry, even before the raise. The new pay starts in February. Truck drivers are going to receive one cent more per mile. Additionally, they will get an extra dollar for each time they arrive at a destination. This might…

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    The Newest in Trucker Technology!

    With self-driving trucks becoming more of a possibility, Daimler is aiming for self-driving trucks in 10 years. Therefore, this calls for trucking companies to make renovations, now! The company, Daimler, has now established their first class 8 truck with level 2 driver’s assistance. This new assistance offers adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance. Unfortunately, current load bearing trucks aren’t as up to date as passenger cars and the technology…

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    What’s Really Wrong with the Auto Industry

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    Even though auto sales are close to a record high in the United States, the American auto industry isn’t doing too great. This is because American automakers now have too many factories. And these factoriesmake cars that Americans don’t really want anymore. Auto plants in the U.S. have the capacity to make more cars than they can sell. This is the reason GM is closing four plants. And Ford is…

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    Truck Driver Shortage May Be a Cause for Alarm

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    The shortage of truck drivers has steadily increased and has been a blow to the trucking industry. This causes elevated pricing on freight services, such as a car carrier’s cost to ship a car. Many problems can be prevented with the better treatment of delivery drivers themselves and a development of the career. Although there is an increasing demand for truck delivery, the number of drivers has steadily decreased. With…

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